Navarro's Trade Bridge Ltd.

Trade Bridge Ltd was formed in 1995, where in its early stages it simply delivered bulk salt to Petrotrin and Ansa McAl, the same then expanded by importing and installing state of the art machinery for table salt manufacturing in 2001, by doing so and in a very aggressive manner, Trade Bridge in a matter of one year took over all the table salt market, being the only table salt and bulk salt manufacturer in Trinidad.

Trade Bridge Ltd - What We Specialize in

a) Salt (Rock, Industrial, Table and backers) for Trinidad and exporting to all the Caricom (from Suriname to Jamaica), locally for Petrotrin, chlorine, food industry and household table salt

b) Plastics, Importing plastic films from China and servicing all the food and packing industries in Trinidad and the Caricom

c) Chemicals, main supplier of chemicals servicing WASA in drinking water and waste water and at the same time, also centered for industries that deal with water, such as desalinations plants, beer and soft drinks, paper mill, cooking oil, rum industry, etc.


Main Office

Mr. Omar Wharf - General Manager


Omar Wharf was incorporated as General Manager in 2001, person with Business Administration Degree and two years of Chemical Engineering studies, also with a vast experience in various transnational companies in Venezuela. Under his leadership together with the Navarro directors, Trade Bridge has become one of the most successful company in the Navarro Group, with a wide recognition for its seriousness and professionalism. Under Mr. Wharf, Mr. Christopher Phillips supervises the daily managing of the salt plant and also Mr. Chris Ammon with the managing of the plastic area. Both persons also with many years of experience in their field. Finally the Chemical area is handled directly by Mr. Wharf


Trade Bridge Ltd, also in an aggressive manner, not only has taken advantage of commercial regional agreements such as Caricom, but also bilateral agreements with Venezuela, Dom. Republic, Cuba. Importing raw materials and exporting finished products.

Future plans for Trade Bridge include further export expansion of salt into the French speaking islands (Guadeloupe and Martinique) and further increase of market share in the Caricom. Plastic sales increase in Trinidad and the Caricom, and with plans of chemical plants installation in Trinidad geared for a range of chemicals for water purification for all industries

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