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Trinidad Inspection Services (TIS) offers the full range of NDT, heating and   affiliated welding services. The company has been servicing the Oilfield, Petrochemical, Maritime, and Welding Industries since its inception in 1972. With 25 years of commitment to the business of quality assurance, TIS is constantly upgrading the knowledge and skill of its staff and the capability of its equipment to ensure its integrity and reputation remains first class.

 –  Managed by Paul Navarro who has managed TIS for over 20 years, service and reliability have become the main stakes of this company


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Services Available

– Industrial Radiography

Infrared Thermography

Ultrasonic Testing

Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Inspection

Holiday Detection and Vacuum Box Inspection

Eddy Current Inspection of Heat Exchanges

Aws Approved Welding Inspection

Tubular Inspection

Sanding, Blasting & Coatings Inspection

Destructive Testing for Weld Procedure Qualification

– Pre & Post-weld Heating Services

Asset Integrity Management:

Simply put ‘AIM’ means “having a strategy to get the most out of your asset in a safe and efficient manner, whilst lowering the associated cost. It is a tactical plan for managing an organization’s assets to deliver an agreed standard of service. Typically, an asset management plan will cover more than a single asset, taking a system approach – especially where a number of assets are co-dependent and are required to work together to deliver an agreed standard of service.

Dropped Objects Survey:

By identifying objects that are at risk of falling from the derrick or other raised structures, such as nuts, bolts or lifting points etc. that are improperly added to structural members, we can reduce potential hazards. Dropped objects are an all too common occurrence and simple procedures and vigilance can significantly help reduce these. In the interests of reducing risk we have seen the dropped object surveys broaden its remit in recent years to now cover the whole installation, and our surveys have evolved to cover all of the relevant areas for you, to the extent that we now offer one of the most comprehensive services available. We have however, retained our approach to these inspections as being as practical and pro-active to ensure that we solve as many issues as possible on site, so as to reduce or eliminate the amount faults/ failures in the report and to reduce items to be attended to going forward.


Masts and derricks support enormous loads when drilling and running casing, recommended practice for mast and derrick inspections is a critical element to avoiding potentially non-productive time or even serious incidents and catastrophic events during drilling operations. A comprehensive review of all items in the derrick and sub-structure with the potential to become dropped object based on a sequential review of all likely well operations to be carried out (drilling, casing, wire lining, etc.) a task analysis is conducted with each item of equipment required for each task being identified and its position within the derrick and substructure. Sub-divide the derrick and sub-structure into manageable areas for inspection.

CATEGORY 1: Conducting daily observation of the mast/derrick and substructure during operation to determine indications of inadequate performance.

CATEGORY 2: Includes a thorough inspection of load-bearing areas, including sheaves, for cracks, damage, corrosion, loose or missing components and premature wear.

CATEGORY 3: Inspections focus on load-bearing components and members to determine the condition of the mast/derrick and substructure. CATEGORY 4: Inspection, and cleaning required to conduct NDT of all defined critical areas. All welds are being visually examined and welds in critical areas should be inspected using magnetic particle or liquid penetrant method.

Qualified & Certified Technicians:

TIS NSL trained Lifting Equipment inspectors have many years of industrial experience on various offshore and inland installations. Our understanding of BS and ASME standards and other current reference manuals set our Inspectors/ Technicians apart. In addition, they are ASNT Level II certified which enable us to perform weld and material inspections where applicable and recognize problems with fabricated steel lifting fixtures..

Qualified & Certified Rigging Inspectors:

TIS Rigging Inspectors are certified and qualified by third party certification and experience. They possess a full understanding/knowledge of BS and ASME current industry standards, manufacturer’s recommendations, and client’s policies through training. Our employees are ASNT Level II certified inspectors.

Lifting Devices & Lifted Equipment:

TIS Services inspects and tests Material Baskets, Equipment Skids, Personnel Baskets, Forklifts, Aerial Lifts, and other miscellaneous lifting equipment. DNV, BS, ASME B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices defines the inspection, testing, and removal from service criteria. Our inspectors inspect and proof test lifting devices / appliances in accordance to all above standards.

Lifting Equipment Inspection:

TIS provides services to assist you with the setting up of inspection and testing programs. Our inspectors have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, with full understanding/knowledge to BS, ASME, current industry standards, and manufacturer’s recommendations..

Our Commitment

Whether it’s a one-time inspection or the design and implementation of a complete quality assurance
program T.I.S. takes pride in providing the quality NDE and Heat Treatment services that you need. Using
T.I.S. as your One-Stop-Shop assures you of consistency in performance, conformance to requirements,
continuity of purpose and satisfaction, guaranteed.

T.I.S. Ltd. prides itself as a company whose policy is to consistently provide a service that meets the agreed requirements of its customers and ensure that the services fully comply with defined standards of content and are fit for purpose.


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