A leader in inspection and provider of integrated solutions for the energy, construction, manufacturing and transportation industries.

Using the most advanced inspection technology, we help you uncover flaws in new and in-service materials and deliver customized solutions that meet the industry’s most challenging problems. Originally founded as a non-destructive testing company, our diversification throughout the years is the result of our relentless drive for continual improvement, supported through the development of strategic partnerships and our commitment to training our staff in cross-functional areas.

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Our Range of Services



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Range of Services

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Please direct all your training inquiries to:
Rameshwair Rampersad
Training Manager
Email: ramr@tistt.com

Qualified & Certified Technicians:

TIS NSL trained Lifting Equipment inspectors have many years of industrial experience on various offshore and inland installations. Our understanding of BS and ASME standards and other current reference manuals set our Inspectors/ Technicians apart. In addition, our ASNT Level III certified technicians enable us to perform weld and material inspections where applicable and recognize problems with fabricated steel lifting fixtures.

Qualified & Certified Rigging Inspectors:

TIS Rigging Inspectors are certified and qualified by third party certification and experience. They possess a full understanding/knowledge of BS and ASME current industry standards, manufacturer’s recommendations, and client’s policies through training. Our employees are ASNT Level II certified inspectors.

Lifting Devices & Lifted Equipment:

TIS Services inspects and tests Material Baskets, Equipment Skids, Personnel Baskets, Forklifts, Aerial Lifts, and other miscellaneous lifting equipment. DNV, BS, ASME B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices defines the inspection, testing, and removal from service criteria. Our inspectors inspect and proof test lifting devices / appliances in accordance to all above standards.

Lifting Equipment Inspection:

TIS provides services to assist you with the setting up of inspection and testing programs. Our inspectors have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, with full understanding/knowledge to BS, ASME, current industry standards, and manufacturer’s recommendations..

Vision and Mission Statement

Aspiring to become the leading supplier of inspection and mechanical services regionally, utilizing strategic partnerships, integrating sound business practices, competence, and cutting-edge technology to realize a return on investment for all stakeholders.

Deliver reliable and quality services through the development and maintenance of relationships, ethical practices, timely responses, trained and competent teams, state of the art equipment, prudent use of resources and sound financial and business planning.

It is the declared policy of Trinidad Inspection Services Limited to ensure that all work is carried out within the relevant legal and statutory provisions and the company takes reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees, our clients, and the general public.

The board of directors and the management of Trinidad Inspection Services Limited recognizes occupational health and safety is an integral part of business performance and they are responsible for implementing this policy and shall ensure that health and safety considerations are given priority in all company operations.

The managers and supervisors of TISL shall provide effective and competent leadership by encouraging a positive safety culture, leading by example and influencing positive health and safety attitudes within the company. They will encourage employees to identify hazards, report accidents and near misses, plan and address emergency situations and keep themselves informed through consultation with employees on HSEQ management and performance.

TISL will continually strive to ensure that our actions and activities, whether collectively or individually, never cause any personal injury or environmental damage. All accidents, minor or otherwise, have the potential to cause physical and mental suffering to those directly and indirectly involved thus the prevention of accident, injury and illness is a goal well worth achieving.

The company will commit to the annual review of all policies, procedures, systems of work and practices that could affect the health, safety and welfare of its employees, clients or general public that can be affected by the company’s processes and will ensure that all reasonably practicable improvements are implemented and subsequently maintained.

Effectiveness of TISL health and safety will be monitored through regular inspections and audits of its system and processes to ensure full compliance of this policy. It is the intent of TISL to ensure that the company provides employment under safe working conditions and where these do not exist, ensure that all risks are mitigated by means of regular risk assessments. TISL will ensure that its workforce is competent in the safe use, handling, transportation and maintenance of all equipment and hazardous materials. Evidence of competence will be stated through the use of underpinning knowledge and applied skills in the recognition of various risks in the work environment.

This policy shall be kept up to date, marking any changes in the nature of the business or changes in legislation, and revisions will be made as necessary. The policy statement and any revision of it shall be communicated to all employees. This statement of company safety policy shall be displayed prominently at all company office premises and at all sites site where the company have operating responsibilities. The organization and arrangements for implementing the policy shall also be available at company offices and at each site for reference by any employee or client as required.


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